Orient Market Insight brings a superior qualitative research approach together with marketing messaging strategy, offering comprehensive solutions for those seeking to understand the pharmaceutical marketing landscape in Japan. Our diverse and flexible approach allows us to easily customize research to a client’s particular project and needs. These are merely examples of what we can do for your company.

Pricing and Market Access / Research Consulting Firms


The Goal

The client wants to understand the market landscape to formulate an effective market access and pricing strategy for early phase compounds and products.

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our process

Respondents identification. We identify appropriate primary research respondents through desk research, including Key Opinion Leaders, such as guideline committee members and/or Board/Council members of Japanese medical societies.

Respondents recruiting. If necessary, we reach out to high-level respondents (e.g. KOLs) who are not normally reachable through conventional research panels.

Translation and optimization of research materials. We translate and optimize research materials (e.g. discussion guides and stimuli) from English to Japanese. If any points in the research guides do not align with the Japanese medical system or clinical practice, we will work together with the client to find the optimal language.

Culturally sensitive fielding and reporting. Japanese KOLs prefer face-to-face interviews. Because of this, we often suggest tweaking the research methodology to meet Japanese respondent KOLs conditions, while maintaining the essence of the research questions. For example, we do not ask KOLs to complete work prior to the interview. Instead, we ask them to provide fresh views on those questions during the interview. After the session, we immediately create a summary note in English for our clients to review and clarify any further questions. If needed, we will provide supplementary information for our client to better understand the cultural and societal context of the respondent's answers.

The Value Orient Market Insight Delivers:

At the conclusion of our research, Orient Market Insight will deliver a comprehensive summary of the clinical Key Opinion Leaders’ responses in English, with a recommended course of action, giving you the confidence to take your next steps to make a successful product launch or create marketing messaging in Japan.

Global Research Agencies


The Goal

The client wants to validate global insights that were obtained through preceding research conducted in their home region (e.g., the U.S. or Europe), as well as capture insights that are unique to Japan, thus enhancing their global strategy while maximizing business potential in Japan.

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our process

A bi-lingual moderator guides the project from start to finish. We often receive requests for moderation only. However, at Orient Market Insight, our added value is that our moderators will engage in the project on a much broader scope, working to optimize the discussion guides to fit the Japanese market, bridging the language gap and enabling effective communication between client’s global team and their local affiliate team. As a result, both time and money are saved in the initial phase of the research, and communication among key stakeholders is more effective and efficient, resulting in higher quality research and more insightful results.

Strategic fielding for more thorough results. Because our moderators are bilingual and take a strategic, consultative approach, the interview sessions will be more effective. Before and after every session, we have a discussion with the client’s global and local teams, in either English or Japanese, to confirm that the session yielded the desired results and adjust future sessions accordingly.

Superior backroom management and communication. Through our ability to bring simultaneous interpreters into the research process, we can provide more effective backroom management. Our moderators and simultaneous interpreters will seamlessly share the learning from the interview room and backroom with each other, to better capture client’s intention of how they want to proceed with fielding, to maximize the outcome from each session.

Debriefing and strategic input. In order to optimize the results of each interview session, our moderators proactively engage in a follow-up debriefing session and discussion. As experts in the Japanese healthcare market, we provide additional perspective that gives our clients the insights they need to enhance their global strategies while maximizing their business potential in Japan.

The Value Orient Market Insight Delivers:

At the conclusion of our research, Orient Market Insight will deliver a comprehensive summary of the responses of both the clinical Key Opinion Leaders and the target respondents’, in English, with a recommended course of action, giving you actionable insights for your marketing strategy in Japan.


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