Our bilingual moderators guide your project from start to finish seamlessly and in a cost effective way.

Enhanced client communication. At every touch point, including briefing, debriefing, and onsite discussion, our moderators will be directly engaged in the discussion with you, in English. Unlike other companies that provide translators who work in shifts and trade in and out throughout the project, our moderator will stay with your team from start to finish, providing more effective communication in the most cost effective way.

We adapt and evolve the research nimbly. In response to the group’s feedback and strategic discussion, we can capture insights beyond the intention of the original discussion guide.

Our synergistic approach gives you an enhanced backroom experience.With most research companies, when their moderator is in the interview room, they’re completely out of touch with the client conversations in the backroom. At Orient Market Insight, we have a better way. We’re able to provide simultaneous interpretation and input from the backroom, which we can use to adapt and enhance the discussion with our clients, during and immediately after our interview sessions.


We’re an extension of your marketing team.

With other inbound market research firms, you’ll simply be assigned a moderator, and that’s just what they’ll do. With Orient Market Insight, your moderator is involved well before the moderation begins. We’ll optimize your research instruments and deliver better quality moderation because we were involved in the planning process. We’ll contextualize your discussion guides, not simply translate them.

Together we’ll clarify who the research is for and what it’s for. And, most importantly, how it will inform the decisions that will improve your products and campaigns or simply help you get better insights based on the context of the Japanese healthcare system. Then, we’ll help you unlock the messaging that Japanese consumers need to hear.


Unparalleled access to high- quality research respondents and Key Opinion Leaders

Our moderators have strong backgrounds in the healthcare industry in Japan. Because of our reputation and recruiting approach, we can gain access to research respondents other pharmaceutical research companies may not be able to reach. We’re specialists in the pharmaceutical industry in Japan.

Essential input from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). In order to fully understand the healthcare market landscape and the unmet needs associated with the current standards of care, input from KOLs is essential. These opinion leaders, such as guideline committee members and councilors of the medical society are not typically accessible through conventional research panels. We’ll help identify who the best respondents for your research are, and recruit those high profile respondents.

The voice of rare disease patients and caregivers. Understanding the patient journey is key to unlocking the potential of your product and elevating the lives of those who are involved in the journey. In addition to utilizing a conventional research panel, we go above and beyond to reach out to patients and caregivers through social media, as well as approach patient advocacy groups.

Comfortable research facilities. At Orient Market Insight, we also believe that the best research results come when participants are comfortable and at ease. So, if needed, we are able to source facilities in which to conduct your project, ensuring that both the participants and your team are comfortable, with access to the technology they need to stay dialed in to their work while they’re here in Japan.

An insightful and strategic plan of action

Your research should result in a strategic plan of action; not simply a compilation of data. Those types of insights can only come from a research company with moderators who have experience with qualitative research in the Japanese healthcare field and can give you insights to unlock your marketing messaging strategy. We’ll help you capture insights that unlock the Japanese market, providing a lens through which you can view Japan’s unique culture and society.

Finally, our moderators will be involved in the analysis process to help create not just a research report, but a strategic plan of action that enriches global insights and maximizes opportunity in Japan and beyond.


Our Qualitative Research Offerings Enhance Your Project’s Results

Our superior approach gains deeper insights into your project. Our expertise includes:

  • Bi-lingual pharma/healthcare moderation
  • Facility/field IDI, WATI, ethnography
  • Conventional research (customer journey, concept/message testing, unmet need understanding, etc.)
  • KOL / rare disease patient and caregiver recruiting (in full-scope projects)
  • Optional integrated simultaneous translation
  • Market access (e.g. pre-launch drugs, medical devices)
  • Market entry support (jointly provided with our parent company Orient Strategy K.K.)

Come in. Welcome to Japan’s Premier Market Research Consultancy. Let us Open the Door for You to Strategic Insights In Japan.

Together we’ll help you discover the Key Moments of Truth in the stake-holders’ journeys and unlock the Japanese market for your company.