At Orient Market Insight, we specialize in moderation, but you get so much more.

Whether it’s your first foray into the Japanese market, or you’re simply looking for a new strategy for an existing product or service in Japan, Orient Market Insight will manage your project effectively, bridging the gaps and language barriers between all the stakeholders in your project. We become the single source of truth for your project and guide it to success.

Your successful launch in Japan depends on partnering with a full-service marketing research firm that will become an extension of your team, fully invested in your project’s success. The Orient Market Insight team brings not only significant expertise in the Japanese consumer market, but also experience in branding, product innovation and marketing strategy.

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We blend both the art AND the science of healthcare research in Japan.

Our skilled, bilingual moderators understand that superior healthcare research is so much more than simply asking questions and capturing data. It’s part art, part science. It means starting out with carefully crafted discussion guides, but being intuitive enough to pivot and capture small bursts of unexpected insights and draw them out.

Our team of moderators is comprised of empathetic and engaging people who all have a background in healthcare, but are also all from different walks of life because we know that successful moderators don’t just lead a group… they live it. With Orient Market Insight, we take a deeper dive into your project yielding results you won’t get with any other research company in Japan.


Unlocking the door to the true culture and the "why" behind consumer behavior.

Translators may offer a few insights into the Japanese culture, but in order to truly reach the Japanese consumer’s “why” behind purchasing decisions, you need a team who understands more than the culture. The diverse team at Orient Market Insight is native to Japan, and has a depth and breadth of understanding of the Japanese healthcare landscape. We are also savvy marketers with a global perspective who can ultimately help create a strategy that will drive consumer behavior in Japan. We provide skilled bilingual moderators who will uncover the moments of truth that will drive actionable insights for your launch.

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Meet our moderators

Mami Ouji.Moderator | Researcher

Her Background

In addition to five years’ experience working as a healthcare professional, Mami has a background in the fields of service, retail and hospitality, giving her insights into both the patient and healthcare providers’ perspectives on the consumer/patient journey in Japan. Her empathetic approach results in deeply meaningful conversations with interview respondents, particularly women.

Her areas of market research expertise include:
  • Diseases, focusing in particular on women’s health issues and migraines.
  • Methodology, specializing in patient journey mapping
  • Patient group creation, specializing in the recruitment of hard-to-reach patients through social media and other creative techniques.
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Her Passion

Mami is a force to be reckoned with. Her boundless energy and joy shine through in both her work and her personal relationships. She believes deeply in Orient Market Insight’s commitment to raise others up, and her faith guides her to help others at every opportunity. She is endlessly curious, so in her free time, you’ll find her exploring in nature, communing with friends over meals in new restaurants and diving into research on wildly diverse topics.


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Together we’ll help you discover the Key Moments of Truth in the stakeholders’ journeys and unlock the Japanese market for your company.