Research Tips

Market Research Tips for Japan


1) Importance of Original Documents

Creating satisfactory stimuli for Japanese respondents is much more difficult than expected, especially creative copy and emotional statements for consumers. This is largely because stimuli for consumers reflect their emotional insights such as tensions and frustrations that are deeply linked with their cultural and linguistic background. We believe creating original research documents from the ground up in Japanese yields more accurate data than technical translation from English. Our involvement will guide you in the process of creating more relevant Japanese stimuli.


2) Universal Health Insurance Dynamics

Japan has a very unique public health insurance system that contributes to the highest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality rates in the world. The country gives its citizens free access to advanced medical care at very low cost. In other countries like the U.S.A., where the payers set a foundation for patient transaction flow and treatment plan versus patients in Japan who can choose any medical service they prefer and physicians have more freedom to prescribe any drugs irrespective of price. This creates very unique dynamics in patient and physician behavior because the insurance system facilitates greater freedom. It is very important to capture the insights that drive their behavior from social, cultural, and emotional perspectives. This is one of the keys for successful market research in Japan.


3) Keys To Effective Sampling

Japan has a different specialty classification as opposed to other countries, which significantly affect your sampling plan. For instance, diabetic foot care is often provided by podiatrists in the U.S., while it is done mostly by diabetics physicians in Japan. This is because there’s no podiatry specialty in Japan. Effective sampling plan should be based on the standard of care of medicine in the target market.