Our Story

Orient Market Insight was formed to meet a distinct need in the research marketplace.  In our years of experience working with global healthcare/pharma clients, we discovered that there were significant gaps in the quality of inbound research projects conducted in Japan.  Quite often, the gaps partially resulted from a disconnect in understanding the uniqueness of the cultural and social dynamics in Japan and partially as a result of the research capability and processes of traditional research agencies.

To resolve these gaps we have a more collaborative research process that allows us to form a team with you to unify the collection and analysis of research data, analytics, discussion, and strategy in an effort to support you as a global client that wants to strive to understand the Japanese market for effective strategic decision making. We believe that our expertise as strategic partner provides the difference in designing and delivering your market research project.

Our approach includes…

  • Optimizing the research design to fit the Japanese healthcare system
  • Incorporating a consumer approach to healthcare qualitative research
  • Involving interviewers and translators in the planning process in order to deliver high quality moderations
  • Optimizing research documents such as discussion guides and stimuli and including a translation check