Orient Market Insight:
  • a professional market research agency
  • focusing on the pharmaceutical and healthcare space in Japan
  • we drive your optimal strategic discussion
  • through our qualitative research approach
  • to support global healthcare firms expanding into Japan

Many global healthcare leaders acknowledge the difficulty of effectively capturing the Japanese healthcare market due to its unique culture and healthcare system. We found that a compelling solution that fits a global player’s need was not available, so we decided to start our own to support like-minded customers to effectively engage this attractive market. We provide wide range of inbound qualitative/secondary research, with a specific goal to help our client understand the market landscape and issues/opportunities in their target therapeutic areas in Japan. Please let us know how we can help you!

Hiro Matsue

President, Orient Market Insight K.K.

Core Services

1. Qualitative survey

  • Recruitment of difficult respondents (Ex-payer, high profile KOL, hospital, rare disease patient, etc.)
  • Moderation & Report (Summary / Full / Transcript)

2. Secondary research

  • KOL mapping / Japanese healthcare system / etc.

3. Multi-lingual support:

  • Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese


“We would highly recommend Hiro and Orient Market Insight for Japanese market access projects.  Their seamless project management, considered approach, and ability to stick to deadlines, makes them a must for any company looking for detailed insights from the Japanese market.”

Senior Consultant, Global Pricing and Market Access Agency